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Win an iPad with Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, CIMB

Amazing! Everyone is giving away an iPad! Its like the Apple Tablet has taken most of the top Banks in Malaysia by storm. So many iPad competition, all launched about the same time. 🙂

As consumers if we are are currently card members of either Citi, Stan Chart or CIMB, we should try and WIN! 🙂

I guess most Credit Card Marketing knows the desire for consumers to have an iPad in hand, hence the similar promotions by Citibank, Stan Chart and CIMB for this Year End/ Christmas season!

Win an iPad with Citibank

Win an iPad with Citibank

BANK : Citibank – 100 iPads to be won over 100 days

How do you win : You need to activate your credit card with Citibank, and spend a minimum of RM50 on your credit card to be entitled for an entry

Valid : until 26 February 2011

My take : Just a ruse for you to spend money using your Citibank Credit Card. If they have 50,000 cardmembers, and 30% spend RM50 a day, wow think how much Citibank would make 🙂

Well the lowered the bar to RM50 a day, which an average joe can spend on Citibank Card, so i guess Citibank is targeting their card mass.

Web :

Win an iPad with CIMB

Win an iPad with CIMB

BANK : CIMB – Be the first 100 to own the hot iPad for FREE

How do you win : You need to be the TOP 50 Spenders in CIMB.

Valid : until 31 December 2011

My take : Similar to Citibank, CIMB is giving away 100 iPads. However unlike Citibank, they are limiting it to those who are top spenders with their CIMB card. So this is more like a targeted niche. Perhaps they are targeting either their top spenders from their Platinum or Gold card base.

This would be a tad Harder to win than the Citibank iPad contest.

Web :

Win an iPad with Standard Chartered Bank

Win an iPad with Standard Chartered Bank

BANK : Standard Chartered Bank – Win the Real Deal 64GB iPad

How do you win : Wow! Stan Chart is giving away 200 iPads!!! That’s 100 iPads more than Citibank & CIMB! 🙂 You need to spend RM4000 and more and answer a simple question!

Vadid : until 18 Feb 2011

My take : Wow! RM4K to get an iPad, might as well just buy one yourself lah! 🙂 Malaysia was deemed the cheapest in the region at RM1500 for a 16GB WiFi iPad! 🙂 I guess perhaps this may be useful if they use their Credit Card for their Business, and just charge over RM4k a month! Oh wow!! Too high! I prefer Citibank’s RM50 charge!

Web :

Hmm… i wonder which other Banks or Companies will come up with iPad competitions! 🙂 Two iPads is definitely better than ONE! 🙂


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