Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Nathanael’s Bridges School Year End Party 2010

Nathanael had a great time at his school’s Year End Party.

Nathanael has been attending Bridges Early Intervention Program (EIP) School since he was just over 5 months old (See a photo back in 2006). He has gained much from Bridges and  we are grateful to all the teachers, helpers and volunteers of Bridges EIP.

At the Year End Party 2010, Nathanael and Zoe Joy (just had to join in the fun) played many games and had a fun time with other kids. And like other years, we had great food from KFC too!!! 🙂

This year is especially memorable, because of two MAJOR things!

  1. Its Nathanael’s final year in Bridges EIP, and its time for him to move on
  2. Teacher Dolly is also moving on to Taiping to start a school there

So admist all the fun in the school, there were some moments that brought tears, when parents, guardians and teachers wished Teacher Dolly farewell. It was amazing to see  kids who were previously in Bridges coming up to hug and thank teacher Dolly for all her great contribution to their lives.

Here’s a short video clip, showing a few photos of Bridges Year End Party 2010 and a tribute to Dolly (Nathanael’s teacher) who will be moving on to Taiping to start a new school there. (get some tissues ready)

Photo Gallery of Bridges Year End Party 2010


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daren says:

🙂 you’re welcome Evie.

Bridges is actually owned by a church called PJ EFC. So they run the school as a ministry to bless the community. The teachers and volunteers are Christians, but the school it open to anyone.

Yes… God is doing great things in Nathanael’s life 🙂 Thank GOD!!

Evie Swart says:

Thanks for sharing, Daren.

Is Bridges a Christian Early Intervention school? Nice speech Tiff!

Praise God for Nathanael’s amazing progress!