Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Lazy Eye……

Recently, we’ve had many curious & concern folks asking us …….aiyo what happened to Nate’s eye? Jatuh ka? Operation ah? Caring malaysian…. 🙂 So we decided to post it up on our blog….
2 months ago we took Nathanael to the Opthalmologist and she told us that he has a lazy eye. So she asked us if we were gained to try eye patching.

Told her we tried it before however he used to yank it out…but we decided to try again.
A month has gone by. We’re suppose to patch it for 3 hours in a day but we kiasu la….we leave it on for like 4-6hours on certain days.

Praise God he seems to be focusing more on his work. Concentration is better too. Thank you Jesus.

Please pray along ya.

Here’s a picture…

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Juayn says:

I know.. both my brothers are having lazy eyes..
they will turn their head to one side while in class.
Ur’s a good way…
but my the other chooses to wear specs or contacts for the eye that is not willing to work.