Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Updates on Nathanael from DSH



Good news!! This morning when Nathanael woke up at 4am, he was talking and chatty like his normal self.

As usual, mommie didnt get much sleep cos watching over Nathanael. Mommies are such strong people! 🙂

Well thankfully DSH has free wi-fi, and we can update his status on the fly.

Dr Vasantha came in this morning to check on Nathanael.

We are so so glad that she came to see him despite her being on her off day today! Tks Dr V!

She said yesterday was a Complex Febrile Fit, which happens to kids with high fever.

Today, she said the blood tests showed that his blood palette count was low. It was at 110. Usually should be 150 or more. So that’s a significant drop and Dr Vasantha would like to monitor him further. Nathanael will be taking a second blood test later today.

So pray that his blood count will rise and that his fever will be gone for good!

Thank you everyone for your prayers, smses, comments, calls and support.



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