Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Makan and Shopping in Hong Kong

We were blest to meet up with Douglas Khoo on the 2nd nite, who brought us out for a yummy meal in a Super Star restaurant! 🙂 Thank you uncle Douglas.

On the 3rd Day… Irene came and met us at Excelsior and brought us around Hong Kong…. from Stanley Market to Yung Kee to City Gate Mall and then to Disneyland Hollywood Hotel for our check-in. She showered Nathanael and Zoe Joy with lots of gifts and sweets.. totally spoilt now by her love ! 🙂 Thank you aunty Irene!

When Irene brought us to CityGate … Wah liau…. talk about shopping, it was just filled with Outlet Stores …. u name it… most of the brands were there! We went crazy!




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Arthur Lee says:

Wow! Sooo Sooo good of Irene & Douglas for taking you all around, ya! so much fun if you know your way around. I should have given you people a DVD of our Senior’s Christmas Celebration to show them what Ministry we are doing, anyway whaen are they coming to KL ? Nice to see Nate & Zoe girl really enjoyed the Holiday in HK. Dad

esther says:

so citygate was really good? how cheap it is? if really so good, i’m tempted to go HK again :S

DannyBoy says:

Wow! Looks like You guys are having sooo muucchhh fun!!!

Wow! Must be nice and cold there!!

Enjoy your holiday!