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MRI Report is out!

We went for our usual physio therapy sessions today at HUKM. While Nate was on the threadmill under the supervision of our trusted & dedicated physio therapist Yoke Fong & our maid…I made a quick dash to the peads clinic just to check & see if Nate’s MRI Report is ready.

I really went there with no expectations of the outcome. Spoke to a random nurse at the reception area & to my surprise she was very helpful. She asked for the MRN number & she disappeared through the back door & in less than 5mins came back with a paper in hand…….and I was like……that can’t be..Nate’s it must be some other patient’s documents……….but it was!! And there I was ready explain to her why I needed the report etc….and she just came to me & said “ini dia…” wah…..I was like WOW!! Just like that huh…..thank God!

So I hurriedly read the report la….as though I know & understand it la……but anyway… is what the report said. Perhaps if you are a doctor or a neurologist you can shed some light into this mumbo jumbo medically high sounding words.

Findings:- There are prominent Virchow Robin spaces in both cerebral hemisphere. No abnormal signal in the brain parenchyma in all sequences. No focal lesions seen. No midline shift or mass effect. Ventricle & fissure CSF spaces are normal.

Impression:- No Significant abnormality

So there you have it the written report….but we’ll have to wait till the next appointment with the Doctor before we will fully comprehend Nate’s results. They need to actually compare the previous MRI films with the latest MRI. In recent years the MRI result is only made available online—-yup no films. So I wonder how they can see the difference. Hmmmmm… So anyway, our plan is to bring our previous MRI films to the doctor & see what they have to say.

Thank you for your continuous prayers…we covet them.

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tiff says:

Carol, Stay strong & put your hope & trust in God! Praying along for you too.

Carol Leung from Hong Kong says:

Wow…….what I can say is……Only God can make this happens. It is a miracle!