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Nathanael’s MRI Scan Experience at HUKM


 It all started at 650am this morning, when Nathanael woke up to have his milk – his last meal prior to the MRI Scan.

We packed up, woke Zoe up and left home by 8am. Due to Malaysian monday morning traffic we had to use alternative roads (toll paying roads) to HUKM.

We passed the Curve, took Penchala Toll, cut thru Sri hartamas and took the Kerinchi Link to Federal Highway and turned off into the road leading to Taman Desa and drove on to the Cheras toll. Yups super long but no traffic!

When we arrived at HUKM, Nathanael was registered at the MRI section. And as usual with the lack of clear instructions from the hospital we were asked to walk thru a maze of corridors to reach the MRI scan room. Ariving at our final station so fast was pretty amazing. Then the clerk told us that we had to go up to the peadeatric ward on the 4th floor to sedate Nathanael.

And this was how the adventure began . . .

So off we went retracaing our steps thru the labryinth of corridors until we got to the main hospital corridor. We found an elevator and we all jumped on the ride up.

At Peadiatric Ward 2 on the 4th floor, we had to pass a form to the nurse and get Nathanael registered again. So we had to wait till the nurses were ready to weigh Nathanael and then wait again for a doctor to insert a line into Nathanael.

Although its unnecessary for a patient to have his hand poked, pierced and for a needle to be retained in the hand. However the procedure was to do just that to ensure there was a quick access to administer any medication in a state of emergency.


So poor Nathanael had to suffer that little poke. We were pretty thankful that he did not put up a big fuss or scream (we distracted him with his fav music) and voila the insert was done.

So once that was finished, as kiasu parents, we wanted to hurry back to the MRI Scan room so that we wont have to wait a long in line. (for parents who waited in long lines at Govt Hospitals, u know what we mean by looooooong lines)

So back to the lift lobby, fly down 4 floors, walked and half run thru the criss-cross corridors of HUKM ans finally at last to the MRI room.

Thank God we were  patient #2!! 🙂 God is Good!

So the hospital staff said that it was time to sedate nathanael. (in my past experience, the hospital staff would be there to help us with sedation bit). Here we were on our own! We had a 20ml syringe… and thankfully because we’ve fed Nathanael numerous times with the syringe, it was not tooooo foreign to use it.


So we doped Nathanael with the syrup. I didn’t exactly get to try it, perhaps if I did, Tiff would have to drive us all home! (this brings Don’t Drink “Syrup” And Drive up a whole new level); anyway, so we popped all the 20mls into Nathanael … and after like 12 minutes, Nathanael was snoring away! The nurses on the fourth floor actually gave us a second dosage/syringe of Chrloral Hydrate Syrup, just in case the first one doesn’t work. Yeah it goes well with the proverb, if at first you don’t suceed, try, try again! 🙂

As I was saying two paragraphs up, I was expecting some help from the radiologists or the nurses or doctors at the MRI station. But NO….. they were all busy! In fact they were all busy typing and looking at things behing their monitors. I managed to walk into their work area, they had like six 19inch monitors tilted “potrait” style with numerous black & white photographs on it. But everyone seemed to be busy behind this one guy.  I think this dude was the person in-charge and he was busily looking at his Monitor and calling all his colleagues to come look ….. so i busy-body also go look! Guess what ? .. it was Facebook! They were laughing together at a recent party that they had. Doctors have Facebook too!! And what’s wrong with surfing while at work … we all do to! 🙂 haha

Anyway after our boy slept! We quickly informed the busy doctors & radiologists, and Nathanael was put down to sleep on a bed outside MRI Room 2.

We had to wait for another patient to finish before Nathanael could enter. Tiffany said she will go in with Nathanael. I figured it would be fun, to throw metal objects at the MRI machine when it was at its peak of operations and see really ..just how strong the magnet was…. but Tiff, insisted  … so she stayed in with Nathanael. (boys & big magnets …. = lotsa fun!)


So finally …. Nathanael was laid to lie down still. (For those readers who have not realized yet, in the MRI Scanning machine, you are not suppose to move. Tell that to a kid! and you know it won’t work! – in fact tell the kid that we will wrap u up with towels, and put on a “Darth Vader” helmet over you and then stick you into a square machine which makes awful sound … and then Don’t Move!) Guess not hor! So understanding that all of that is futile, the best remedy is to sedate the child so that they will be in a deep sleep and not resist and not spoil the image during the scan).

Tiffany said that in the room, she was trying to orchestrate a new musical that went along with the rhytym and banging sound of the MRI scanning machine. It went something like … Bang Bang Bang … wheeeeeeeeee wheeeeeeeeeeee …… Bang Bang Bang Bang …. .wheeeeeeee wheeeeee ….. mebbe the maintenance peeps forgot to WD40 the MRI machine! 🙂

So after 40 minutes of banging and wheeeiing, TIffany came out of the room carrying Nathanael. 🙂 YAY!! The MRI Scan was done and was successful, Nathanael didn’t move an inch during the scan … well mebbe a toe moved, and now we’ll most probably have to wait several weeks for the results to be out.

Finalllly of the finally, we had to climb up four storeys again to the peads ward 2, and see the nurse. By then Nahtanael woke up. So the nurse asked us to test if Nathanael was ok, by giving him some water to drink. If he drank the water and did not vomit, he was fit to go home. So Nathanael gulped down lots of water, cos he was fasting since early morninig .. and thankfully no vomitting!

By the time the nurse removed his bandage on his hand, it was just about noon! Poor Nathanael … what a torturous morning it had been. But we are very glad to see that he’s doing well, and responding in his normal behaviour. Though he was a bit tipsy when he first woke up. He was literally swinging ….. 🙂 [we actually have a video of that.. but guess we will not emabarass our son too much online!!]

Thank God for a fruitful day with the MRI scan going on smoothly, we ask for your prayers for Nathanael that the results of the MRI scan will be positive.


Check out MORE Photos below of the MRI Scan @ HUKM


Nathanael in the car ... early morning

Nathanael in the car ... early morning



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Geoff says:

Can you have an MRI scan on your leg?

azedah says:

my eyes fill with tears proudly when seeing this brave parents who can raise epileptic child in a very wise and wonderful ways…They are truly a great parents..

my pray for this family, to get along successfully till the end..may God bless all of you…

daren says:

Amen … God is GOOOD! 🙂

benben says:

Interesting…. Has been such a long way man since the days where nate was still crying everytime he went to school… and now, can walk and speak a few words already…. Hmmmm… God is good huh… 🙂


jokoo says:

REALLLLYYY??? Uncle Arthur!!! He can say your name???? that’s awesome! sigh. Hehehe I can’t wait to come back and see him! hehehe.

Arthur Lee says:

Nathanael Lee is a brave boy now, this time he handle very well, He walk around and see what is going on here, and there. I saw him tonight and he talked so much and he can call my Name !! How about that he call Arthur very clear, and speak many many others child languages, I must learn to understand it.He is happy I am also, he see us he gets excited so good to play with Nate.

jokoo says:

what an experience…… =) hehehehe well done LEEs~!!