Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Nate making wonderful progress

I think accelerated development is the word that best describes it. Everynight we pray that the Lord will just touch Nate & accelerate his growth & developments. We thank God for all the good stuff that has been taking place in our lives. Nathanael is walking steadily now. We make him walk for longer periods now. He used to get tried  after 5-10mins & wants to be carried but now he is beginning to get used to being on his own.  YES!! In fact he can now walk on the threadmill for a duration of 45mins. (non-stop) Cruel? NO!! That is to help him build stamina & endurance. Praise God!

We are continuing our various therapy session everyday. He is one busy boy!  A sneak peak into Nate’s week.

Mondays- Qdees School & Speech Therapy

Tuesdays-Bridges ( most relaxed cos Mummy got meeting in church)

Wednesdays-Qdees School & Music Therapy

Thursdays-Qdees School, Special Education (a new slot in consideration) & Physio Therapy

Friday-Qdees School & Bridges EIP

Saturdays & Sundays- Hydro Therapy with Daddio

Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure….


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Tiff says:

Hello Sutha my son used to go to Qdees Mutiara Damansara but now GE is attending kiddies patch also in the same area. How’s your son? What’s his name? Attending speech therapy?

Sutha says:


I need to to know which q dees school that your son going?.
My son haveing mild autism , he is 4 years old now.

God bless your son………

thank you.