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Nathanael Walking & Chasing the Bell @ Bridges School

Today we see more of Nathanael walking, Tiff managed to capture a couple of videos and we pieced it all into one.

Nathanael attends the Bridges Early Intervention Program School twice a week. And there’s just one activity that Nathanael really loves when he’s at Bridges. He loves to ring the “BELL”! He loves the sound, he loves the fact that he can hold on the string and swing it side by side to get the Bell sound.

So today…. teacher Dolly and her helpers gave Nathanael an incentive to Walk. If u can walk … u get to ring the bell. So by holding the bell in front of Nathanael, you can see Nathanael walked from one corner of the room to the other, from the pantry to this table activity …. and in the end of  the video you will see Nathanael walking on his own without anymore incentive! Really really GREAT!

You can watch the Video below or click here



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AikThai says:

I like his expression when he is ringing the bell, can see the joy in his face. 🙂

Andrea says:

Oh man….it was awesome!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!
God is good…all the time!!!!
Daren & Tiff….there will be more miracles to come!!! 😉

Bernard says:

Wowee!! That’s absolutely amazing!…but yet, not the least bit surprising because we all KNOW that it’s only a matter of time before God completes his miracle in Nathaneal eh 🙂

Can’t wait to see him this Saturday and watch him strut his stuff, lol.

Cody Yip says:

Praise God.. God is really good.. I’m really encouraged too.. Will continue to pray for greater miracle for Nathanael..

Norman says:

This is amazing and I’m so encouraged by it!

Ps Koon Seng says:

It is such a joy to see God working on his people even if it is step by step. He has put you in a dependancy mode on Him & He will continue to reveal to you His purpose & might for your family. Keep it up.

Hock Fee says:

We rejoice with you in seeing Nathanael walk unassisted and unaided. He is such a cute cute boy. God is indeed working in his life for His great purpose.

Ai Lynn says:

Praise The Lord! Means more chasing around for mummy and daddy:)

Sreedhar says:

Praise the Lord! God is not done yet. More to come brother. By faith I see much more…..