Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

My Largest Burger EVER!!



We were having dins dins with the PUs tonite, and whilst walking along the lower ground floor of One Utama, we stumbled on this rather interesting F&B outlet called New York New York.

We strolled over to the menu to check out the selections and the pricing. My mouth started drooling when i saw the types of burgers that was available … 😉 Yummy.. yes Hamburgers the American way! 🙂

Anyway, while looking through the menu, we saw a couple eating an ENORMOUS burger, we just asked what were they eating, and found out that they were having a burger which was suppose to serve 4 people! Woo hoo!! I was already loving this place ….

Then we decided to go in and go check out this NEW YORK deli.

We were pleasantly surprise, cos the food portion was generous, and the food was tasty. Check out the photos below to see the GINORMOUS burger available at New York! 🙂

Our HUGE Burger - Its Ginormous!!!

Our HUGE Burger - Its Ginormous!!!






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sarahkate says:

Hey! Yeah the food at NewYork NewYork deli’s pretty awesome…!
Haven’t tried the ginormous burger though… looks great! Feel like ordering it for myself. Hoho okay that was a joke.
I haven’t written my review of the place yet.. i will soon! 🙂

>Ben> If i am not mistaken, the ginormous burger is about 45+, so your estimation is just about right =)

benben says:

hey hmm it looks good huh…. Next up you guys should head over to Carl’s Jr, also ground floor of 1U old wing. It’s on the way to the nex wing actually, so yeah… Just wonderign how much did that burger cost?? At least erm RM40 RM45 I guess…