Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Nathanael’s 2008 Year End Party at Bridges EIP School

First and foremost our BIG Thank You to Teacher Dolly and all the school teachers & volunteers who have have help in Nathanael’s continuous development. Thank you for your love & amazing sacrifice that all of you pour out to Nathanael and all the kids at school. 

We had a fun time at the Bridges EIP YEAR END PARTY 2008 last Saturday. There were over 20 kids and with the parents and teachers… it was a huge party! Something like 70 I think.  

This year Teacher Dolly said we can invite grandparents too. So Yeh Yeh, Ma Ma & Kong Kong were also present at this year’s party.  Po po had ministry commitments. This is going to be a long Photo Blog, so wait as the photos load and check them out below! 🙂

Big Appreciation to

Teacher Dolly

Teacher Rachel

Teacher Lee Hon

Ko Ko Ben

Che che Eunice

And the many many others….God knows them all.  THANK YOU!!


Bridges EIP School  Year End Party 2008







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daren says:

🙂 Yes it was really fun!

Did u see the photo where Dolly was throwing the Water Balloon at me? Caught her in the act! 🙂 hahaha… but suffered a wet shirt for that shot 🙂

Praise God the weather stopped raining when we went out for games, and it sort of started again when we came back in! God is good!

benben says:

ALL THE FUN I MISSED!!! thanks for the post 🙂 hope you all had a great time…