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Go Mobile Go Mobile Go


Woo Hoo!! Go Mobile Go Mobile Go is offering a FREE invite to watch the latest James Bond movie – Quantum of Solace!! And best of all Nuffnang is also in the picture! 

We’ve been blest with many FREE movies from Nuffnang 🙂 hehe 

And we hope we can get this one too! 🙂

I think this is one of the BEST 007 movies! The trailer is amazing and the gadgets and action in this movie should be really cool! Can’t wait! 


On top of the Free Screening, Go Mobile is also giving away free Mobile Phones and MP3 players!! Talk about coolness! Its no wonder they are the Ultimate Mobile LIfestyle Event of the year! 🙂

We hope that Go Mobile can continuously have such exciting features and freebies for bloggers! 
Go Mobile Go!! 🙂 Woo Hoo!! Check out Go Mobile today!

GoMobile 2008 is going to be a very exciting event.

1. It is the biggest ever mobile lifestyle event in Malaysia.

2. This is the first time such an event has been held in Malaysia. In fact, we think nothing like this has ever been held anywhere else in the world!

That’s why we want as many people as possible to be there come Nov 21-23. To do that we want you to help spread the word.


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