Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Shopping with Nate & Zoe

We always have alot of fun shopping with both our children, They are a bundle of joy. Here is a recent photo taken and we want to share with it with you.

They look so adorable. We have to keep Zoe in the trolley or else she would just wander off! And that was exactly what she did and Daren had to trail her for 10mins and she never once looked back to see if we were there.  She is such a brave child. Gets us really worried la.

As for Nate—we get him to walk & push the tiny carts that are only available at TESCO & IKEA. Yes he enjoys it for a season but gets really upset if we make him walk too long. We’re really happy & thank God for the amazing things He has done in Nate’s life. We hope to share more good news with you all soon.


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