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On this very day 2 years ago Part II

Hello faithful readers of our little blog on our little children. This is part II to our previous entry “On this very day Part I”  As you can see we have seen tons of progress in Nate’s life eversince we started on this diet. We hear him beginning to say a word or two.

And we are glad to announce that as of this day Nate has completed his 2 year DIET!

And the question that is on all our minds is CAN HE EAT NORMAL FOOD NOW? Well actually he has another 6 months of weaning off & eating a meal that is based on the ratio 3:1. Previously it was 4:1.

What does that mean? It’s just that now Nate can eat more CARBO food! Previously he can only eat 4 tables spoon of rice a day but now he can eat 8 table spoons!

Can he eat fruits? YES!! Slowly introduce him back on fruits. Poor boy has not eaten any for 2 whole years. BTW did you know that fruits have alot of carbo? so think twice before U say U’re on diet & only eating fruits! 🙂 hahahhahahaha

We will put up his menu for all to see later. We will begin this process mid Oct 2008. So please pray along as this is a BIG MEGA step for us. We have to monitor him very closely. If at all he shows any signs of clinical fits……we’re back on the diet again. Must be patient! Ok? Ya I can’t wait to feed him Ice cream,ribena…..etc

So hang around for the next update ya.

Check out Nate’s grin! Sticking out his tongue for food! YUMMY![ad#dnt]

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