Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Nathanael’s Balance Therapy

Eveyday,every minute & hour is packed with therapy & excercise for little Nate. He is a very busy boy. We went to see Ms Teo Nate’s private OT coach.

What you see above is Nate on the long bolster and also on the rubber pony. Zoe of course tags along & plays with all the toys there & I tell U she loves every moment of it.

Ms Teo recommends that he continues with vestibular excercises that help with his coordination. We do alot of swinging & also some crashing! Crashing means we put Nate on a ball & push him & let him experience FREE FAL. He lands onto very BIG HUGE GIGANTIC pillows…..this different type of movement will help him development & integrate his senses.

Nate has improved alot. Thank you Aunty Teo Li Fun for all the help & tips given.

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Mommy-fied says:

Little Nate is not the only one that’s busy. I’m sure most of mommy and daddy’s free time is spent helping him and taking care of Zoe. Keep it up you guys! You are doing such a great job.