Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

SUPER HOT! “40.2 degrees”

Her fever spiked to 40.2 degrees & Daren saw that her body jerked 2 times. Cold chills ran don his spine so we rushed her to the hospital ASAP. We arrived at DSH and they checked her sponged her and later have her a dose of suppository Voltaren.

Here were some shots we took while the nurse sponged her body. She was crying the entire time. Poor Baby Zoe. We sent out smses to rally prayer support. It was really amazing the number of people praying along. Thank U, Sorry that we couldn’t reply all the messages.

They monitored her for abit we we left for home around 11pm. At around 12midnight she was back to her cheeky usual self, She kept going Mommie, mommie “mum mum” she was hungry. That was a good sign.

But it is very strange la the fever just came suddenly in the morning Daren fed her milk at 7am in the morning and she was fine but just in the span of 15mins her body was so hot! In anycase we thank God that she is fine now. God is Good!

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benben says:

Hey there, good to hear that her fever is down already… This couple of months has been crazy for me, could hardly drop by bridges also… Will be seeing nate next fri, am going for my exams soon so yeah 😛

ko ko ben

JustinKC says:

Yep May cute baby Zoe will get well soon. Look after him well, prayers from my side =) Take care

KY says:

may baby zoe get well soon. 🙂