Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Pray for Zoe Joy – fever hitting 39 degrees

Please pray along for Zoe Joy. This morning when she woke up with a fever of about 39 degrees!!

Tiff was taking care of her with drinking lots of liquid and also some fever medicine to help bring down the temperature.

Thankfully during the day, the fever subsided and she was much better.

However this evening, just before 8pm, Zoe’s fever came back again. Unfortunately it went up again to 39 degrees Celcius.

We just gave her a supository , which is  normally one of our last resorts to medication, but we wanted to ensure that her body temperature comes down and stay down.

So we will be monitoring her tonite to ensure that her body temperature is not too high, please pray along with us that her fever will subside and that her body temperature will return back to normal.

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