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Nate’s Hot Favourites Songs!

Eveyday Nathanael has been listening to his favourite music selections with his headphones, He loves music. Currently these are some of his favourites.

1. Ants In The Apple – It helps him to learn the correct sounds for each letter of the alphabet and give him a head start at school!

The easiest way for children to make this connection is through the use of memory cues associated with songs and pictures. It is easier for children to remember a picture than it is to remember an abstract letter symbol. Play and sing the Ants in the Apple alphabet song again & again. When U see him & if he is in the mood la…..Just sing this few words

Ants In The Apple ah ah ah he will flash U a BIG smile ….try it! 🙂

2. Take Along Bible Songs-Kids may not remember last Sunday’s sermon, but these snappy songs will stick in their minds forever! Memorize God’s Word, sing along to Sunday school tunes, and celebrate God’s love with “The Lord’s Prayer”; “The Golden Rule”; “Oh, Be Careful, Little Eyes”; “Amazing Grace”; “It Is Well with My Soul”; and lots more. Hours of faith-building music!

3. Ladybird Nursery Rhymes — I wonder why if U all notice…..Nursery rhymes all sing abou tbad things that happen and yet we still let the children hear it. hhhhmmmm strange hor….think about a nursery rhyme u know sing it in your head & see…. ( Jack & Jill, Humpty Dumpty…etc)

We’re so glad that Nathanael enjoys all these songs, and he has been loving his music classes. Thank you Teacher Joyce from Anne Musickule!

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