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Nate’s on MOTOmed @ HUKM

This is great excercise that Nathanael has been doing the past 2 months. It’s called a MOTOmed.
It cost the hospital something like RM11,000. That is one expensive excercise machine!

By doing this it improves his knee & leg muscles,coordination and several other benefits. It is a motorised stationary bicycle and it moves your legs automatically & you can adjust the speed level to your comfort. What is cool about this machine is that it moves your legs until you are able to cycle on your own.

The MOTOmed gracile consists of the following features:
– Passive training with motor
– Active training with muscle strength, assisted by the motor
– Active training with muscle strength against adjustable resistance levels

Currently Nathanael pretty much relies on the motor for movement but he has been improving bits here & there–Yoke Fong will have him on it for 30mins and out of those 30mins….he cycles about 2mins on his own. That is not a lot but it is way better than when we first started him on it. So we count that as a blessing! Thank U JESUS!

Nathanael is a very cool & easy natured boy B U T that doesn’t help in therapy! ahahhahahahaha! Sometimes we need to really push him. Please cont to pray for him in this regard that somehow he will have that internal drive to get better & do better. Will keep you guys posted on more soon. So stay tuned!

More information on MOTOmed :-

Counteract the consequences of a lack of movement

Daily movement plays an important role concerning the smooth running of many physical functions as well as the sense of well-being.

One person walks an average of 4,000 to 6,000 steps a day – excluding additional sports. However, paralysis or general weakness reduce this level of daily movement to a minimum or makes it even impossible.

Circulatory problems, stiffness of the joints, shortened muscles, digestive problems, fluid build-up in the legs (oedema) and brittle bones (osteoporosis) can result. These often require unpleasant and expensive treatments such as medication or surgery which can have serious consequences.

With sufficient daily movement using a suitable therapeutic trainer it is possible to counteract these problems.

The MOTOmed enables this daily movement: Paralyzed or weak arms or legs are moved – forwards, backwards, from very slow to fast, either passively with the assistance of the motor or with residual muscle strength.


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Ginny Paleg says:

Hi there!

I am a physical therapist doing some research on this technology. Might we be able to email privately?