Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Nate walks steadily…

To our faithful readers–it’s been some time since we blogged. on Nate & his therapies. We’ve been absolutely busy la. Really want to thank GOD for the amount of progress that we have seen in Nathanael. The developments have been accelerated. So much that we can’t even keep up with the logging of his developments.

Nathanael’s recent excercises-for the past 3 weeks in HUKM has been on the Threadmill. When we first started the walking excercise he was quite wobbly and we had to hold him the entire time… but PTL in one week….yes 7 days he can now walk by himself. He just holds onto a bar and walks steadily.
It is a M I R A C L E! WOW! Are you amazed? What a mighty God we serve! AMEN?!?!

Yoke Fong our physio therapist saw that Nate was doing well- she increased the gradient on the threadmill. So now Nate has to walk uphill as that would improve his balance,posture & walk. She now puts him on for a total of 30mins—10mins at a go. This is pretty good news. Of course he will get upset & angry but overall he is progressing well.

You will also find photos of Nate & Zoe in the special Snoezelen room….Zoe enjoys the stimulation as well. She greatly benefits from all these experiences. All in all God deserves all the glory & honor….we will next blog about Nathanael’s Ketogenic Diet so stay tuned! 🙂

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