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Scientology …. What is it?

Scientology Celebrities - CultWhen i say Scientology … what comes to mind?

Yeah … Tom Cruise too for me 🙂

Then i discovered that there was a whole long list of Celebrities who are into Scientology. The most recent “in the news” was that Will Smith claims that he is NOT a Scientologist at all!

Ooooh digressing .. 🙂

Anyway, in the Cult & Religion class this week, we will be covering the topic of Scientology. Its not a very popular belief in Malaysia. If you ask around, most of our friends are either a Malay, a Buddihst or Taoist, a Hindu, a Christian and those who calls themselves “Free Thinkers”!

So this Sunday it will be rather interesting, cos we will be sharing about a “religion” that’s not much talked about in these parts of the world. Why is Tom Cruise such a strong ambassador of Scientology? Come and find out lah …

We can’t give all the answers now mah! 🙂

Our team consists of Andy & June Chong, Joanna Chong, Tiff & me.

We’ve been digging up information online for the last few weeks, and you know what? Its not always easy ….. cos there are just SO MANY many many different links, and finding the best and most accurate info and putting it on paper as a comparative study to Chrsitianity is even harder!!

So pray for us yah as we present this topic on Scientology. For those of you who are coming, dear Kenneth and his team will be sharing on Bahai Worship too. Now that’s another interesting one to listen to if u have not heard of them.

Okies… if you want to know more about why Scientology is a Cult …. Come check out our session this Sunday – 13 July 2008!

Time : 1pm – 3pm

Location : Zoe House – GTPJ

See ya there!

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flowsnow says:

An interesting personal encounter with this cult when I studied in Aust. I suppose I was tragetted by them being an asian on the `prowl’ – walking with my other HK girlfriend at that time studying matriculation in Perth. I was very curious about `religion’ and kind of looking around. All I can say I was given a list of very strange questionaire to fill in to determine my state of mind which of course was Negative and that I needed counselling. What the Fish! Fortunately I was a very strong person and thought highly of myself so the issue of `I’ was always in the topic. Nevertheless I was coaxed to purchse a book by the founder which I told them I didn’t have enough cash. Insisted on the old version which was cheaper and walked me to the ATM machine to withdraw money and insisted I must go for counselling. Duh?? I went Duh?? me something wrong??!!
I went home and my cousin told me they were freaks. I was disturbed and went back to my college and consulted the counsellor who helped me to get out of it. Honestly I am glad I did because they started sending me mails about this and that and it’s really so easy to be sucked in feeling `wanted’ in a strange country with no friends or support. Because I was a minor – below 16 years of age, they had no choice but to let me go by refunding me my cash and left me alone. I can imagine if they pursued, they would be in deep trouble esp. from a Western country where the law is usually abided and treated with respect. It’s very easy for anyone to be persuaded and caught in the web. And yes it’s funny how these celebraties actually get sucked in. I wonder why? I don’t think I want to bother to know why and how either. Perhaps the next time if I ever encounter such people, I would give them a long lecture about `life and Who are you?’ kind of questions asked by them. If you have a choice, what would you like to be? I simply told them I just love being me and I love myself. Ha! Honest even with that reply I was coaxed to their room for the questionnaire. Dumb? Yes, it happens and happened. It’s also the same with some so called Christians who go around in the mall to save souls – honestly do you and will you know which church is right, after all there are some who claims and talk about Jesus but they don’t actually speak the truth – the Momons – who would dress in white shirt, black pants and a black tie, holding a `bible’ and talking about the old testament. Ha! I was also almost sucked to it – it said Jesus – so it must be about Christianity la!….fortunately my aunty slammed the door at their face. There are also another group (forgot the name) but also found in Malaysia coming in pairs or with kids selling their own magazine and claiming about Jesus – ……
Whatever, always check the church out and it’s content. Even a charamastic church can be walking out of line/accord and I have seen enough to put me off. My apology – but one don’t need to bible bash or say much. Just walk your talk. Be a friend and not a foe to disbeliever and that will be your way to win more souls, rather than being judgmental. Is it wrong to be friends with an unbeliever? That’s one thing I find we almost automatically fall in the trap of being `discriminating’ in our ways. So why do other non believers think of us being `like that’. Enough..I can go on about cults…seen enough….even astrology is dangerous.