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Not Your Average Super Hero

HancockThis dude is definitely not your average super hero!

When one is given much, much is expected. I guess BIG responsibilities are expected when you are a dude with super powers. And a dude with super powers that can help society .. that’s a Super Hero! 🙂

Nuffnang is providing 200 FREE Seats (super awesome!) at Cathay Cineplexes on 7 July … and i do hope i am one of the first 200 who writes in time to get two free tickets 🙂 hehe

supermanSuperman is my fav super hero. Not that i like men in tights or red underwear. But just that ever since a kid .. and i am sure all dudes must have been facinated with the fact that superman can fly, he’s faster than speeding bullet, and can leap over tall buidlings. 🙂

How cool is that? Don’t you all wish you ever had the speed of superman?

I’ve always imagine thigns going on fast forward .. esp when its time to do house chores .. how can i speed up the whole thing and get it done in one minute? In the movies it always happens .. but never in real life!

And on the other fact of coming to reality. We always get summoned for the smallest thing, parking at the wrong place, didnt pay the parking meter, or speeding 95km/h in a 80 km/h zone. So drawing the fact of reality don’t you ever wonder if Superman ever gets a Speeding Ticket?

Can u imagine him flying down Plus Highway … from KL to Ipoh to save them from the 450kg World War II Live Bomb!! So superman flies along the the Plus Highway, cos he doesn’t wanna get lost in Malaysia from the lack of signages …… and all of a sudden … the Police takes out their Speed Scanner and catches Superman midway in flight?!!

And then poor superman will have to stop … and gets a saman for speeding in a 110 km/h zone. 🙂 hehe!! They should do a spoof of superman one day … stopped by the traffic police! That will be funny! 🙂

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hey, nice blog especially those on the children

molly says:

Ya, I wish I am a superwomen, so I can just fly to anywhere I like without worrying about the petrol increase, hahaha
Hi, nice meeting you