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My Father’s Day Gift : LCD TV


 Wah Liau, what a pleasant surprise!! Check out my new LCD TV!! 🙂 Tiff said its Happy Fathers Day Gift, and i can’t agree more! 🙂 BEAMING!

Its really gorgeous, with a black piano finish and i just received it yesterday! 🙂 Woo Hoo!!

Tore the box, ripped out the flaps, pulled out the LCD TV and wanted to install it all at one go.  But …. that’s not me, i was rather excited to set it up, but we were gonna leave to go to church, so i guess i could only set it up later at nite once the kids have all gone to sleep. 🙂

First of all, i must thank Mr Cee Tee Bank, who gave this FREE LCD TV to us. 🙂

The timing couldn’t be better, on Father’s Day. As the camp speaker recently shared, men are just boys with more expensive toys. Yups my LCD TV is my latest cool TOY!:) [and i am not sharing! hehe]



Since its FREE, i guess i can’t expect it to be 42 inches, with all the additional cool stuff on a LCD TV. I guess the reason why i am so happy is because i have always wanted a LCD TV, but could not bring ourselves to buy one, and now I am trully contented that we now have our own LCD TV 🙂

Pity that I’m so busy with work, guess not gonna spend too much time on it! 🙂 Okies enough about blogging, gonna set up the LCD TV now to the Home Theatre System! WOO HOO!!  


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benben says:

wah lau… how to service that loan r… the interest you’re paying can buy you a few LCD TV’s d lor…


charlotte says:

500k loan?!!


daren says:

hahha …. well .. get a house .. then change the Housing Loan . .and Mr C T B can give u a new LCD TV!

I heard that if u take a loan of over RM500K … u get a FREE 42inch LCD! 🙂 haha

charlotte says:

I want an LCD TV!!

You know, one evening, Ps Julie said, “husbands and wives, all you need is a dining table, bed, and a sofa.” I think she said sofa lah..

No need dining table lahh! Replace with LCD TV. Sit on sofa and eat. Best.


benben says:

WHOAH!!!! like that i also wanna be a daddy d lor…. 😛

daren says:

Unfair unfair !!!

Case… come drop over at our place, and you can bring David along and let’s test out PS3 on the LCD TV 🙂 Cooooler!

DavidLee says:

Hi Daren! Blessed Fathers’ Day!

Cason, when you (or your PS3) coming back? I heard the Dual Shock 3 is out .. Will buy that controller .. hehe .. then we .. BURNOUT!


daren says:

honestly .. i think if i have the first generation nintendo that will be great. I dont think i ever finished that Mario Bros game …. and it would be nice to play that on a big 30 inch screen! 🙂 haha

KLo … err … which part is the inspiration? The one that got the FREE LCD TV … ? hehehe

K.Lo says:

Happy Father’s Day Daren!

U r an inspiration to all of us, future fathers 😉

God bless!

nicktay says:

Don’t need la, its ok. I am not daddy yet 😛

Case says:

*keeps PS3 to himself*

Daren, mb u shud bless nick instead haha

daren says:

hahhaa.. i know what u mean Nick!!

It was something that i really wanted for a long time, but could never come to terms to buy one.

And until now i am glad to say that i never did buy one.. … Big thanks to CTB:)

nicktay says:

I want! I want!! I currently watch TV on my Desktop monitor 🙁

daren says:

🙂 haha yes PS3 will be a fantastic follow up present for Fathers Day.

Wanna bless me with one? 🙂

Case says:

Wah…plug in a PS3, it’ll be perfect.

Nice NIce