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See Nathanael Crawl … his new milestone

Nathanael Crawling

We’ve been so busy at home, and this I’m a little delayed in sharing this video with you! Nevertheless, we wanted to share this incredible milestone with all of you as we know many of you come here to get updates. đŸ™‚

We’ve been told recently by a therapist, that we need to focus on Nathanael’s crawling abilities. I am sure many of you have seen Nathanael’s video where he walks, but the therapist reminded us that it is vital that Nathanael learns to CRAWL first before walking. And that we must not skip that step.

I guess that’s why God made us that way, that we should learn to creep, crawl and then walk before running! đŸ™‚ The muscles used and developed in the Crawling milestone is important for his next step.

So Tiff have been really busy with Nathanael, helping him to get into the crawling posture, to enable him to lift his hands and legs and bum into the air, in a crawling motion and to move ahead.

Watch Nathanael crawl below or click here

You’ll see him Crawling at Bridges School and also at home in this three minutes video.

We really wanna THANK GOD for the amazing milestone that Nathanael picked up over the last couple of weeks in Crawling. đŸ™‚



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