Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Cute Video of Zoe Joy

Zoe Joy CUTESTEat your heart out supermodels, i think Zoe Joy is totally the Cutest of them all! 🙂

Check out her baju as she sits in the room with this rather cute sleeveless overall and a bandana on her head!

Aiyoh .. comel-nya! 🙂

We’ve got a video of her in this getup walking down the car ramp to the carpark. We also wanted to test out wordpress’ video functionality and see if the buffering and playback time is satisfying ….. if not, then its back to youtube. [UPDATE : We’re going back with Youtube .. we cant seem to host our own video from our website. .. watch the youtube video below]

Anyway … we’re gonna upload two more really cute pic of her and u be the judge of her cuteness. I tell u i think we should send her in for some cute infant competition …. sure win wan! 🙂

Check out the Photo & Video gallery below.


Watch the Cute Video below, or click here



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kevin says:

Elijah : “Awww, my cousin is soooo cute! Is that a train on her shirt? Wow, so cool, that lady behind her speaks Spanish!”

The video dl was about 10 secs. But i think you should keep it on YouTube, when you consider the additional traffic that you will get just from linking from YouTube, it would be worth while. Plus, some web hosting site charges for the amount of bandwith that comes out from your site, and if you hosted only videos, that amt will climb really quickly.