Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Visiting the Angkors

Admist ruins at Angkor TomSo fast, three days have passed, and the entire morning of our third day was spent visiting the two top ruins called Angkor Tom and Angkor Wat.

This time round, i didnt really take much photos, cos after seeing one ruin, u sort of seen them all. 🙂

Yeah, yeah .. totally insensitive to the rich cultural heritage and history of Cambodia …. reminds me of the numerous times when i was in Louvre, where we’ll just walk thru all the galleries to the Mona Lisa, take a picture and get out. Cos a painting is just a painting, rite? 🙂

Whooops how did get over to Paris from Cambodia, sorry just one of my ramblings.

I can’t wait to get home, really miss the family, and am glad that the 4 days in Siem Reap is almost to an end.

Here are some pictures of us taken at Angkor Tom & Angkor Wat.

As mentioned earlier, didn’t take too many shots, cos they basically resembled each other, when u really get up real close. Enjoy these last few pics that i took.

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