Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Cambodians have SMALL feet

Well, or so i would deduce after climbing these realllly reallllllly small steps up to more ruins. Its amazing the steps are like 2 inches in diameter.

We stopped like 5 minutes from Ang Ko Wat, and trekked up this hill for 10 minutes, and when we finally reach the summit of the hill, there was this interesting looking ruin.

We were talking with the tour guide, wondering how the khmer people managed to cut the stones from a mountain, drag and brought these stones to this hill, and then to bring it all the way up without any modern machinery. Simply amazing.

As u can see the steps were steep, with a 2 inch diametre, just simply scarry, when you wanna make your way down.  The good thing is that in Cambodia, nothing can be taller than the Ang Ko Wat, so its pretty much like Texas, a flat plain land. So at the summit the evening view was stunning.

Yeah check out our poses …..

We took a couple of shots on the summit of the ruins, we were trying to capture the scenic background behind us, but being typical tourists, we most probably blocked off most of the scenery behind. I think Daniel would really enjoy this trip with his 2 DSLR cameras, cos there are really tons and tons of scenic shots that can be taken. Me using our old Canon Powershot S45 didnt really do justice to the shots.

Anyway .. check them out …




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tiff says:

Eh is your cousin on the trip also…..that would be insteresting….no pictures of her & U one….one for the family album ma hhhahahahha