Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Daddie in Siem Reap

Daddie is away from the family this weekend, cos the company organized a Management Retreat in Siem Reap. Know where that is?

Nope its not Thailand, though Thailand is one of its border. We are in Cambodia. Left the house early this morning at 4.45 to meet the rest of the team at the LCCT Airport at 5.30am to catch AirAsia to Siem Reap.

So far after touching down in Cambodia, all we’ve done is to go see some ruins (and i hear we are seeing more in the afternoon), and we’ve checked in at the hotel.

Being a hotelier, i guess i will share more pics of the hotel than of ruins. I am sure u can google Siem Reap ruins and see all there is to see online, so i shall focus on the beautiful hotel that we checked in.

We are staying at the Angkor Palace Resort & Spa. Just short of a Palace, the hotel is beautiful, big has a wide expanse with a nice pool (can’t wait to check it out & wish the family was with me).

So we just had lunch and we’re all resting in our rooms now, Praise GOD for FREE Internet Access in the hotel! Yup wireless by the pool too!! Guess i will be able to update as i stay thru this visit in Siem Reap .. 🙂

The hotel is a five star, and the rooms are HUGE. I love the space in the room. The bed has an interesting decor with the mosquito netting hanging from the ceiling (or i think its decor and hope that there’s no mosquitoes in the room tonite) and the bathroom – which i like them big – is spacious and nice.

Anyway … enough of blogging …. will share more soon! 🙂

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