Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

At the scene of Tomb Raider

We visited the site location where Tomb Raider was filmed. Yes more ruins to share with u. But the ruins were quite interesting … cos the site was huge and they had trees which grew over the ruins, forming interesting formations (see some pics below).

Yeah, where is Lara Croft? We tried looking for her… but didnt find her. The tour guide showed us where the set filmed the various parts of the movie in the ruins! Interesting.

We did lots of walking today. Watch my post later tonite on why i feel that Cambodians have small feet. Yes its based on a theory that i experienced climbing lots of steps today. But more of that later.

Check out some of our poses around the ruins of Siem Reap. Now i know why our plane was full of tourists, its rather quite an extraordinary site.

Won’t be so selfish anymore, will upload some group photos of the team that went together. As mentioned earlier, lots and lots and lots of walking. No wonder i am so HUNGRY now .. we really worked out a great appettite. I think i have not done so much walking in 2008! 🙂

Check out the pics below ….



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