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Tiffany was interviewed by Pastor Irene on Mothers’ Day

Mothers Day at Glad Tidings PJLast weekend in church, Pastor Irene Lim did a short interview with Tiffany on her role as a mother to Nathanael & Zoe Joy.

Ps Irene was sharing with all mothers the importance of being a Spirit-Filled mom, and how mother’s can accomplish great tasks when they depend on God.

I totally love the way Ps Irene shared about her life as a mother and she spoke on how “I can’t do this alone!”.

Many times we set high expectations for ourselves as fathers or mothers, trying to vy to be the Best Father and Best Mothers in everyway possible, we will give our best attention, time, money, education and all that we have so that our kids can excel and be better than us.

But many times we may not be successful, or even face tough moments and situations in life. So how does Ps Irene do it?

She already declared right from the start that she could not do it alone. And i don’t think anyone of us can. We are not super heroes .. but we can definitely depend and put our hope in God.

Last weekend was also Pentecost Sunday, the day in history where the Holy Spirit came down and baptised the disciples in the upper room!! Anyway, we ain’t gonna give the whole message away, you can listen to the entire message by Ps Irene at  – in fact we recommend you to listen cos its really uplifting! 🙂

Tiffany shared how we felt when we first found out about Nathanael’s medical condition. And then went further to share about what we did as parents in helping Nathanael as best we could. Its a short interview, the video lasts about five minutes.

Watch the Video below, or click here


We hope that you are encouraged by our short interview, and we hope u take the opportunity to listen to Pastor Irene’s Mother’s Day message …. we know you will be blest by it.


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TrinitIVY says:

My lovely Neighbour…so touching yr message…you are good speaker…you should speak in public more..I am still trying on Oprah!! 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day!!

daren says:

U spoke very well. : )
God bless!

Theresa says:

HI Tiff, Darren, Natahaniel and Zoe,

So glad to see you all in church last week for the mother’s day. M so touch to hear what you share during the interview with Pastor Irene. Keep on trusting the Lord for he is faithfull and he will hear your every single prayer. Glad to see that Natahaniel can sit, stand and even learning to talk.

tiff says:

Thanks Jenny! How have U been? God is good & He has been so so SO faithful to us. Thanks for your encouragement!

Jens says:

Am so touched by the interview. Sniff..sniff. It’s very encouraging and what Tiff said should apply to any situation. Thanks and happy belated mother’s day, Tiff! 🙂