Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Fun Kids Activities at Church

DSC05539Lots of fun activities await the kids at the Young Adults church service each Saturday. There’s a kids session that runs concurrently with the church service where children are having super FUN activities. 🙂

Last week teacher Charlotte taught the kids about how God created trees, fruits and plants. And how we should all appreciate what God has created.

She got them to close their eyes, and put a different plant or fruit in their hands and they all had a great time feeling and guessing what was in their hands.

And then teacher May Vern taught everyone how to create their own flowers …. see what they all did below.

Photo Time


The Kids were all learning how to make their own Flowers


Yes, Zoe Joy was also holding straws to

see where and how to put those flowers


Caitlin and her Flowers.

Cute ler? like me?


Vanessa and her flowers …. pretty aren’t they?


Nathanael was watching all the activities

happening … hmm.. who’s gonna make a flower for me?


And at th end …. check out our beautiful Flowers

done by the Kids! 🙂

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benben says:

wow, Nathanael sure has a whole line of girls waiting for him huh 😛 But he doesn’t want to listen to any of them…