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Walking At Home

We are sure that you were celebrating with us when you first saw Nathanael walked on his own. Tiff managed to borrow a Walker home today from HUKM.

A brand new Walker costs RM685.

But a second-hand one is half the price.

So we are really glad that when Tiff asked one of the parent at HUKM and a mother was willing to sell this to us. She passed it on to us on loan so that we can check it out and to test it and ensure that it really meet Nathanael’s requirement, prior to purchasing it.

Tiff then brought it to the Pinang Medical Supplies store, to get them to take a look at it and they were helpful cos they help screwed up all the loose screws and help checked that it was in good working condition.

You must watch the Video below of Nathanael as he walked down the corridor from the kitchen to the hall and back. 🙂 I am sure you will be jumping up and down with us in celebration! 🙂 PRAISE GOD!!

Nathanael walks from outside the kitchen area to the hall, we helped turn him around and he walked back towards the Kitchen area. It is really a JOY to see Nathanael’s improvement day after day 🙂

Watch the video below, or click here

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Trinitivy says:

Wow! wow! nathanael is walking. praise God…amazing!