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Nathanael got his Sennheiser HD500A Headphones from USA

DSC05414Guess who came back from the US of A?

Guess who carried back Nathanael’s headphones all the way from USA to Malaysia?

Guess who’s luggage was lost when they arrived at KLIA?

Come on, Take a Guess ….

We are just absolutely and totally appreciative to this one person who went all the way to USA and help bring back Nathanael’s Sennheiser Headphones. We were informed by Nathanael’s therapist, Ms Teo that if we were to buy it online and send it back to Malaysia, we can get taxed up to 30% of the selling price of the Headphones.

Now that i dont understand why the government must impose taxes on equipments or resources required for therapy? Sigh …. wish the govt would help sponsor it and have these all readily available in Malaysia.

Anyway … THANK YOU for helping us to bring back Nathanael’s Headphones. Want to know who? Click ReadMore! 🙂

The Story of the Sennheiser Headphones

DRUM ROLL ……………………


Can U tell by now, who it is?

Clue … we received the headphones in Church. 🙂

DSC05410 DSC05411

YES!! It is Pastor Julie Khoo!

And she is telling the amazing story of how the 7 LOST luggages came back!

The bags were missing for 6 days….what are the chances after 6 whole days?

Thanks be to GOD!!!

The airport folks found the luggage

and Ps Julie quickly went home to look for our package!


She “presented” it to Nathanael very excitedly.

He needs it as we are gonna enroll him to a

therapeutic listening programme soon.


Nathanael is checking it out….


All the way back from the states huh…


How do I look? Like a PRO DJ at work?

Thank You Pastor Julie for bringing this back all the way form the US!

I appreciate it lots…..*hugs hugs *

We also wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to Uncle Kevin & Aunty Tawnya too in US. Cos they were our key operator who helped us purchase the Headphones, and kept track of the shipment all the way to Ps Julie. Thank you everyone for making it happen!! 🙂

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Hi There, guess I am replying late to this response. Sennheiser Asia has dealers carrying HD500A as well. It will be easier to transport these units back to Malaysia from Singapore rather than the States. Should more units be required, please feel free to drop me an email. Best Regards – Thim

tiff says:

Hey Ben YES!! He is very blessed & I know with all my heart that God has a plan for his life.

BTW, this HD500A is a headphone specially designed for the ttherapy one….so dun think suitable for U la… 🙂 but NICE hor! It’s really cool and also cost us a bomb…but God has provided!

benben says:

WAH!!! Looks so totally cool!!! Must have costa bomb man those headphones. U know what, Nate is actually very very very blessed to have all the people he hav around him now. Not all his peers and friends are this blessed. With this I know that Nate will be a blessing to otheres next time 🙂 Also, if Nate has no use for the headphones anymore in the future, do let me know coz i don’t mind buying it second hand… 😛