Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Little Red Riding Hood

DSC05367Here’s a cutie pic of Zoe Joy Lee.

Reminds you of Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t it?

I love the way the baju fits her …. ahhh … she’s just so adorable.

Picture is taken at HUKM’s Sensory Integration Room. This is where Nathanael gets to explores motion, senses and touch on various kinds of objects and exercises which will help him.

And of course baby Zoe Joy tags along and gets the full benefit of playing in the Sensory Integration room and exploring every square inch of it.

You’ll get to watch a short video of Zoe Joy in the Sensory Integration room. Click on MORE below.


Here’s Zoe Joy walking on special surfaces on the floor, where the different texture of the flooring will help in enhancing your touch and senses. The Sensory Integration Room at HUKM has some rather good equipment to help children be exposed to various kinds of feel and touches.

Watch the Video of Zoe Joy below, or click here

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daren says:

yeah … she actually pronounces it as “ma-mee”! And i am now trying to record her do “da-dee” Absolutely adorable!!

Ahhhhh!! 🙂

ruach says:

haha…she sounded so cute when she said mummy.