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Nathanael’s Milestone : Walking on Own with Walker

DSC05347This is another wonderful news to share with all of you today.

While Nathanael was at Bridges EIP School today, we managed to video him walking on his own with just the walker. That’s an amazing milestone for Nathanael, as he develops his skills to walk.

In the picture on the left, you will notice that he is seating on a special stool. The seat of the stool is elevated at a 45 degree gradient, and this is to help Nathanael sit up straight.

Its actually quite a task, cos you’ll have to use your back muscles and supporting areas to keep you body straight so that you don’t fall backwards and that you don’t slump forward. Good Job Nathanael!!

We would also like to introduce you to some great volunteers at Bridges Early Intervention Programme.

DSC05359 DSC05348

aunty Chee Hoi (black tee) & aunty Rachel (white tee) are volunteers at Bridges, and they have been helping Nathanael in his road to recovery, thru the various therapies and excercies that’s performed at Bridges. Big BIG THANK YOU !!!


And now for the fantastic VIDEO that you’ve all been waiting for. Watch and see how Nathanael slowly takes a step forward on his own, whilst balancing with the Walker. AMAZING! Praise the LORD!!!

Watch the Video below or click here


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daren says:

Yeah really God deserves all glory! It’s so amazing & thank U all for praying along. U’ve also made the difference! 🙂

Trinitivy says:

Amazing, praise God!!

benben says:

eh that’s a diff walker… not the usal red one…