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Bearing Weight on All Fours – Nathanael’s new Milestone

DSC05343One of the home exercises that we are doing daily now, is to “strongly encourage” Nathanael to crawl.

We are sure that you have seen him do the commando crawl at a fast pace on the floor, with his tummy touching the floor. And we were really happy then to see him achieve that milestone.

Now he has to learn to push himself off the ground (like the picture), so that his knees and hands take the weight of the body, and once that’s achieved, to slowly move his hands and legs forward, so that he can start crawling.

Many of us take for granted our abilities to sit, to stand and to walk, and when I see Nathanael attempting to do it, it just reminds me how amazing the make up of the human anatomy. I mean, our brain can control and command so many muscles, tendons, movements to act together to form an action!! Its simply a Miracle! 🙂

Here are some photos taken of Nathanael, as he learns to get on all his fours, so that he can crawl. We categorize this as Nathanael’s new milestone, cos he couldn’t do this before!! Praise GOD !




Nathanael laerning to balance on his fours.

Its important to note that his plam is open wide and bearing the weight of his body



Here’s a side view of Nathanael as he balances himself on all fours



Now watch the reallllly short video of him below, or click here




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