Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Our Trip to Singapore


We had a A W E S O M E   time in Singapore recently.

We had a FREE two nights stay at the Mandarin Oriental, Singapore (where else but the Mandarin right?). It was an absolutely beautiful two nights stay at the hotel. Did i mentioned that we got upgraded to a City Suite too? We were so pampered la. I mean valet parking u know…..kinda out of this world for us.

We were really WOW-ed when staying at the Mandarin Oriental. All I did was to inform them to prepare us a baby cot (for Zoe Joy). When we arrived we were like … NO WAY!!! They gave a cute travelling bag with all the baby necessities like soap, lotion, shampoo …. and cute fluffy turquoise bedroom slippers for kids, and a baby bath tub. Nice right? And to add on to that, we also found a Baby Avent Sterilizer in the room too! We were initially considering if we shouid bring our sterilizer, but after much decision we decided against it as it was too bulky. AND we were blest to have one in our suite.  🙂

Well Singapore was not just about hotel rooms & hotel food, more importantly we had a great time with family members. And you need to see all the photos we took with Brandon and Reanne and more …. Read on!


Photos in Singapore

DSC05171 DSC05166

We love to pose!  

DSC05090 DSC05089

Nate :- I could not eat……so I listen to my music lor 

 Zoe :- Sorry Ko Ko,…..I love the cereals!


 Yummy! I finished it all

DSC05115  DSC05121

               4 Yee Kong & Kong Kong                      Po Po & 4 Yee Po (great host & cook!)




I love U Brandon! When will I see U again…. 


DSC05064 DSC05040

 My cousin Brandon Lin…..and yes I was catching up with some news 🙂


Zoe Joy & 4 Yee Por 

DSC05100 DSC05104

Remin Piu Kau Fu & Joy Piu Kam Mou 


DSC05111 DSC05101

Mommie & Baby Reanne Lin…..what a cute pudding ya?!?  


 Girls bonding time….


the COOL dudes!  


Combat time !!! 



 One for the family….aiyoh took us like 15mins to get this shot!



TIME to go home…..Ko ko please drive safely ah…  


 And that was our Singapore TRIP!





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daren says:

we saw him playing with the newspaper… looked as though he was reading it… cute la!

benben says:

Wow… Catching up with news huh 😛