Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

His name is Teddy

Zoe Joy’s choices of things to hold and hug are really interesting. As a baby she seldom hold on to a bolster like most baby do. In fact until now (14 months old) she likes to sleep on her front (chest down) and sprawled on the bed.

Yes rather CUTE way of sleeping! I can never figure that one out! 🙂

Anyway … i digress, so Zoe Joy really chooses the things that she holds, hugs and sayang. She doesn’t do it to pillows or bolsters but we realized that she like animals. 🙂

At home she will hug toy animals, the horsey, the bear (winnie the pooh), the dog and now teddy.



DSC05232 DSC05235

See lah, she was hugging teddy as she drank her milk, and even after finishing her 5 ounces of milk, she will lie down and hold on to Teddy!

She’s just an adorable kid who loves animals. Mebbe the influcence comes from the Noah’s Ark mural that’s in her room. Hmmmmm ……

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benben says:

Eh didn’t see the reply.. didn’t know tiff told u bout my exams 🙂 Thanks Thanks for remembring… appreciate it… Glad its OVER now 😛

daren says:

ya la….must lor….U know to keep the story alive ! 🙂 All the best for exams!

benben says:

wow so many updates… updates everyday huh 😛 keep it up 😉