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New Milestone : Nathanael Shakes Your Hand

DSC05252This is absolutely brilliant!!

We managed to capture this new milestone on video tonite.

We were about to put Nathanael to bed, and while we were playing with him, Tiff extended out her hand as a handshake gesture . . .

Guess what? Nathanael extended out his own hand and took Tiff’s hand and shook it!!

That is absolutely BRILLIANT! Thank God for this new milestone. We have not see Nathanael do that before and we are extremely happy to see Nathanael responding and interacting so well with all of us! Really Praise God for this new milestone.

We captured it on video, so this is a MUST SEE!

Nathanael gave you a BONUS clip too. Watch how mommie stimulates him to sing the song . . .

Old McDonald had a farm

Ee Ya Ee Ya Yo

And on his farm he a cow

Ee Ya Ee Ya Yo ………

He’s in his “cute mode” so enjoy the short video of Nathanael shaking hands and doing Old Mc Donald.


Watch the video below, or click here





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daren says:

heheh …. faster come back lah from Oz… then u can come and take him for a walk!

We wanna catch a video soon on how Nathanael walks with his new shoes. U can now just support his under arms.. and he walks! 🙂 AMAZING!! GOD is AMAZING! 🙂

But the key thing is ….. come back ya! 🙂

benben says:

Jo Koo, come to Bridges la, then u can shake Nate’s hand 🙂

jo koo says:

I WANT NATE TO SHAKE MY HAND TOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you have no idea how much this vidoe has made me giggle…. teeehehehehehehehe

huggies ya all!