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What is a Podiatry?

What is a Podiatry?

A) A Pet

B) A European Dessert

C) An Exercise Machine

D) A type of Doctor

What do you think a Podiatry is? Would we give it away, if we said Nathanael had to see one! 🙂

Well if you answered [D], you got it Right!

A Podiatrist is also known as a Foot Doctor. Yeah lor, why dont they just say a doc for the feet, podiatrist…sheesh who would know! 🙂

Anyway I only discovered this word after visiting Schein at The Curve recently. Actually we were heading towards the Garmin (GPS gadgets) shoppe at The Curve, when Tiff noticed a shoe shop (right next to it) that had “Foot Specialist” written on it.

She walked in and spoke with the person in charge there, and found out that they help correct footwear for individuals, and they have a special Kids Section. [similiarly if you have heard of Foot Solutions, they also do something similiar but they concentration are on adults]

So in the end we all went into Schein and this is what we found out . . .


 Schein Footwear @ The Curve



 Yups its a German word, which apparently means comfortable.



The shop is located on the Ground Floor, but they don’t have a good front.

They are located behind the main shopping area (Concierge Counter).




Didn’t have a Flash, but what this wall displays

are their specialities for Kids Shoes. 🙂

Mind you the shoes are not cheap, a shoe with the specially

fitted in-soles can cost over RM900 plus




This is their Feet Scanner. Its called the Digi Ped Digital Foot Measuring Sytem.  Just stand on the glass surface, and under 2 minutes

the person in charge would be able to tell you about your feet!

And yes … i stood on it, and the glass didnt Crack! 🙂




We of course scanned Nathanael’s feet, which is also FOC, and

they explained to us how our feet was touching the ground.

For Nathanael, because he’s still learning to crawl and stand.

He is unable to hold up all of his own weight, his ankle muscles are still

weak so his feet is actually bend inwards (yes all this just thru the scan).


The person in charge was really emphathetic with us, and her recommended us to go

see a Podiatrist first before buying any shoes. He said that he didnt want to just

temporary try and correct nathaanel’s feet. Plus if we go to a Podiatrist, then we can

also get him to guide us on the right therapy of standing, walking and helping Nathanael

to get up on his own two feet.


I was really glad that the dude at Schein was not out just to make money. But rather he was interested

in helping and giving as much advice as possible for the best of the individual!

We like that!!!



In the end we made an appointment to meet a Podiatrist who

was operating out of his home in Bandar Utama.


We’ll share with you on the outcome of that consultation.





Podiatry –

Schein – 




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Hello from my FootDr in Brisbane. Great site

Hi Alison. Nice website ! I too am a podiatrist in Brisbane Australia. Good job on the site

Glad you got some help. Just in case you want to know I am the latest Podiatrist in KL.
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benben says:

I manage to guess the right answer the first time k 😛 I knew it was something to do with Nate…

daren says:

So did u get the right answer?

Come one .. spill the beans? Did u for once think it was some kinda a dessert?

benben says:

interesting 😛 podiatrist huh… and erm… 900 bucks for a pair of shoes?!?!?! can I fly with those shoes??? they must be made to order… micro marketing 🙂