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dareNtiff blog featured on NST’s Tech & U


Amazing, our blog got featured BIG TIME on NST’s Tech & U copy today.

Indeed we have many family and friends who reads our blog regularly for Nathanael and our family updates, and we are trully blessed to see the exposure that it has given for Nathanael’s medical condition!

We trully thank God that he’s on the road to recovery and continue to read our blog regularly for Nathanael’s updates. 

And BIG thanks to Cindy who spoke with us on this and gave us the opportunity to share our lives with the world thru NST! Tks ya! 🙂

If you have not bought your NST today, please go GET IT NOW! 🙂 Skip all the headlines head towards the Tech & U section and you will be able to read the feature story. ….. alternatively, you can click on the pictures below to take a read! 🙂

Take a Read . . .

 [Front Cover of Tech & U]

 20080407 darentiff on Tech & U1


[Page 4 of Tech & U]

20080407 darentiff on Tech & U2





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daren says:

Hey Cindy

Once again tks for the write up on dareNtiff. Really appreciate you sharing our story with Malaysia. We hope it has bless someone.

Now everyone’s gonna come looking for u to feature their blog too! 🙂


Cindy says:

Sama sama la… If not for your perseverance in keeping this blog up, there won’t be something like this for me to write about. Keep pressing on and keep the good work up!!

daren says:

To David … no way am i gonna be like KS!! But i don’t mind a free phone! 🙂

To Ben … no lah … no need so obvious just a video of Nathanael listening to a brand new bling-bling SE phone will do! 🙂 hehe

benben says:

Does that mean Nathanael has to wear a SonyErisson Shirt, Pants, Shorts, Socks, and shoes when ho goes to school??? Endorsed by SE 😛 Anyways, so happy for you that this site got featured in the press. Way so cool!!! This site will be flooded with people visiting it in no time 🙂

DavidLee says:

Oh no .. Daren’s becoming Kenny Sia .. endorsement .. blog. :p

daren says:

Dear Nick

Yups… remember but didnt quite expect it to come to this extent.

And yes thanks to you … i managed to get my first wordpress blog up and running!!

– And i am still waiting for some Senior Management in Sony Ericsson to read our post on the handphone used for Nathanael’s therapy. Now if i get a FREE mobile phone because of that .. that’s a super duper awesome reason for Blogging!! 🙂

nicktay says:

Remember when you first started bloging I told you, it will make an impact and touch lives 🙂

daren says:

tks bro! 🙂 Indeed it tooks us by surprise, cos we thought if it made it thru the editors, it would be a small column somewhere in the newspaper.

Glad that we can now share Nathanael’s plight with the “world” so- to- speak, and hopefully other parents with children suffering from infantile spasm and are searching for more info, can get something from all that we’ve applied to Nathanael thus far.

AND yes.. interview was done a month plus back with Cindy. TKS CINDY!! 🙂

DavidLee says:

Awesome stuff, Daren! Was this the interview .. you had a month back or something? Hehehe.