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Zoe Joy’s Bikini Photoshoot

We just could not hold back these fab pictures that mommie took of Zoe Joy last weekend at the poolside. The photos were fabulous and just brings out the cute-ness (if there’s such a word) in Zoe Joy.

We went to the pool for a dip, but 90% of the shots that you’ll see below are of Zoe Joy.

So so so so so cute lah! 🙂 Check Zoe Joy out in her Pink Bikini outfit! 🙂

Zoe Joy’ Bikini Photoshoot


Zoe Joy sitting by the stairs of the pool. Deciding shall i go in for a dip?



Hmmmm … the water feels nice and coool!


I am giving you my Cute Stare!


Check out my Pose …… cute or note?

Cheeky smile heh?


The Serious Look …. 🙂


daddie!!! daddie!!

why you come in and spoil the photoshoot?


This is my ko ko … he also cute-ler.

But i think today is just MY DAY! 🙂


Hmmm … shall i just ditch the float and

swim a couple of laps?


La la la la la la

Just enjoying the pool and the lovely water.


Who- – – oa …. i can swim in the deep end too! 🙂

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FriedClyde says:

Incredibley beautiful and cute, you must be one proud papa 😀