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Nathanael’s New Milestone – on the Swing + Walker

WE are combining a couple of videos that we have taken over the last two weeks to show you Nathanael’s great progress in his development. We are really happy to see how he has been improving and we just wanna Thank GOD so much for His favor over Nathanael’s life.

So you will be able to watch Nathanael achieve new Milestones in the video below as he goes thru the various exercises!! 🙂

You will see below that Zoe Joy gets involved in Nathanael’s therapy, and we honestly believe that she will totally, 100% gain from it and develop even faster as a toddler who by the way has yet to turn 1! She gets to play (while ko ko exercise) during all of ko ko’s therapy! 🙂

Nathanael & Zoe Joy on the Swing Nathanael & Zoe Joy on the Swing

Zoe Joy wants everything that Ko Ko has.

Yes even his Swing!! So While Ko Ko is exercising to stand, Zoe Joy is sitting happily on

the other end!! Oh yeah .. that’s their aerobic tights work out!!

NOT! After a work out.. what better way then to go for a Swim! 🙂

Nathanael on the WalkerNathanael Using the Walker as he makes progress in his

walking steps !! We are really happy to see this!

Nathanael Learning to STEP OUT And this is a new learning milestone for Nathanael.

He is learning to lift his legs to learn to make BIG STEPS.

This will enable Nathanael to bend his knees and lift his leg, stand on one leg

and begin to climb stairs, and more! 🙂

Watch Nathanael reach new Milestones in this Video Compilation (6.21 mins) of Nathanael at Home, at Bridges School and HUKM therapy.

See the various exercises that Nathanael is exposed to in order to help him to Stand and Walk better! We are really happy to see him progressing well.


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