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Nathanael is looking for a Walker

So we are looking for a WALKER for Nathanael. We must say that Nathanael is improving so much in the last couple of weeks. You can now support Nathanael at his underarms and you will see him progressing in little steps … as he walks in front!!

WE are ESTACTIC! Really Thank God for the good progress in his development! We are trying to put a couple of videos together and share it with you (hopefully in the next one or two posts!)

Having said that at both HUKM Physio Therapy Room and also at Bridges Early Internvention Programme School, he’s been going on the Walker that they have available. And the walker is really helping him to make his walking steps more solid and firm!

A BRAND new walker would cost over RM1500! And we are looking for any second hand walkers that any of you readers may know or have… and if you are gonna sell it.. please let us know!

The Walker Looks like This

Nathanael is looking for a Walker Nathanael is looking for a Walker

It has an adjustable height that will help Nathaanel stand upright

and hold on to the bars to walk ahead.

Nathanael is looking for a Walker

Teacher Dolly and Nathanael walking with the walker at Bridges.

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