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Handy Bergson made Nathanael his Swing

When we first posted up Nathanael’s new sensory integration exercise, to be swung in cicular movement on a make-shift swing, we asked for help to build a swing.

We are so thankful for friends who read the blog, and friends who have the knowledge and skillset to help build one for Nathanael.

Bergson was telling us that he read about our plea for help to build a swing for Nathanael last week. And this weekend he popped over to build a swing for Nathanael! Just like that!!

BIG Thank You uncle Bergson!!

Making of Nathanael’s Swing

[story by Nathanael]

DSC03684 DSC03686

The idea was to get this little U-shaped hook to be stuck firmly

in the ceiling, so that this would form the base structure to hand the swing.

[For the trained eye, you will know that this is the same hook used for the Ceiling Fan]

DSC03687 DSC03692

Placing the U-Hook up on the Ceiling, Bergson took some measurements

and immediately started drilling into the ceiling.

Thank GOD that Handy Bergson has all the canggih tools …

Power Drill with Large Drill Bits to dig thru the concrete!


Poor Uncle Bergson, daddie didnt have a tall enough

ladder, so uncle Bergson had to stand on a tall chair in order to

reach the ceiling. And all the dust from the ceiling rained down

all over his hair and baju.

DSC03700 DSC03702

Using a special screw bracket, uncle Bergson locked the U-hook

up to the ceiling. He screwed it on really tight.


And … Voila .. its done!

Uncle Bergson then bought a long metal chain and latched

it to the U-Hook!


Being super resourceful, uncle Bergson then put two

ply-wood together and screwed them tight. Following

that he sawed off all the four edges of the wood.

[Uncle Bergson so nice, he took off the corners cos he didnt

want it to hit and hurt me! TQ]


Then uncle Bergson bought some really strong ropes

and started doing his scout knots on the chain link.

[Uncle Berson said he bought the softer rope material

and again so that it won’t hurt me!! Uncle Bergson so thotful!]

DSC03713 DSC03715

Then uncle Bergson drilled four holes into the wooden plank

and thread the rope thru it.


It was a good thing that uncle Bergson was a Scout,

cos all the knots tying came in really handy to secure

the wooden platform in place.


And finally the moment of truth!

Uncle Bergson put his entire weight on the swing to make sure it would

be seucure so that I will be able to swing without fear! 🙂

So cool lah uncle Handy Bergson! 🙂

IMG_3696 IMG_3697

So today i started my vestibular movement exercise on the Swing.

I was swung up and down, right and left and round and round


The swing is really cool, i can just sit here and

feel the movement of the swing going all around


Aiyoh!!! Then my exercise when to the next phase.

kakak will lift up the swing to a certain angle, and i had

to hold on to the ropes for dear life!!! (nice and soft ropes!)


So i guess its enuf for one day!!


Guess What???!!! Uncle Bergson was super nice!

He dropped by again today to put a layer of carpet on the swing.

How many swings do you know have Carpets?

I am really blessed. So now i can sit on the swing and

have a comfy stimulation! 🙂

Big Kiss & Hugs to Uncle Bergson!!

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Theresa says:

Good job Uncle Bergson. Couldnt believe it you are the super genius person. Keep up the good work.

dareNtiff says:

Dear Lee Chien
I know what you’re thinking. We asked Bergson to help create a very very very Low swing, so that it will not be a threat to the kids.

Dear KL & Charlotte
Yes Handy Bergson is the best! I think i should ask him to do a Roller Coaster! U know… something more challenging! 🙂

Charlotte says:

“uncle bergson so thoughtful”.

time for uncle bergson to be papa bergson? ;D

k.lo says:

wow! i’m impressed! Go Uncle Bergson!

Lee Chien says:

it seems dangerous to swing in a condo..