Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Nathanael’s Year End Bridges School Partee


School’s Closed! Its Holiday Time!!

Big celebration all over Malaysia as all schools closed for 1 1/2 months. Likewise the Bridges Early Intervention Programme School will also be closed during the school hols!

Nathanael had a Year End School Partee last Saturday at Bridges!

We’ve got some photos and videos to share with you!!

Bridges Year End School Partee


One of the Church Elders gave an opening speech at the beginning of the

Bridges Year End Partee! He shared about how grateful he is to Dolly and the other helpers who volunteers to show their love and care to kids with special needs!


Nathanael giving the “blurr” look with all the other parents and kids

in the background. 🙂


All the kids were rushing to HUG and thank Teacher Dolly

for what a great blessing she has been in their lives!! 🙂 Thank U Teacher Dolly

for helping Nathanael!


Yes .. that’s Zoe… 🙂 She has been blest too.

Cos she follows ko ko to school each week and she’s also loved

by Teacher Dolly and the other helpers there! 🙂


We played our first game .. passing the parcel

Nathanel’s face not too happy! 🙂

DSC02227 DSC02219

Nathanael won a prize and he was quite naughty didnt wanna take his

present, so we had to help get his present out! 🙂


Even Zoe Joy was blest with a present during the games.

That’s one of the helpers Benji …

DSC02235 DSC02242

The next game was a Dance & Freeze game.

Most of the kids could really dance!


Mommie & Zoe posing … in Bridges School

DSC02279 DSC02280

We went outside of the school and we played with Water Balloons

Nathanael had his turn to throw water balloons.

But perhaps it was the heat, the out doors, he was really cooperative! naughty!!

DSC02272 DSC02273

Another kid from Bridges, Jocelyn popped over to chat with Zoe Joy too.

Then , one of the helpers introduced Zoe Joy to the world of Water Balloons


And it was here that Zoe Joy had her first Water Balloon

burst on her lap! 🙂 hehe

Watch the Video here

DSC02250 DSC02251

At the partee, we also had a Fishing Game!

Really pity those fishes in the tub!! The helpers (people with palm prints on their back)

were giving the instructions on what to do.


The rule was u were to scoop the net and catch as many

live fishes as u can into another tub of water.

(Thankfully no animal activist were around!)


Zoe Joy had a go with the fishing game.

DSC02258 DSC02270

Kak Mas was preparing Nathanael for the Fishing expedition.

But when Nathanael’s turn came, he was still quite upset! See his face! 🙂

Watch The Video below

DSC02269 DSC02266

Nathanael & Zoe Joy had their go at fishing! 🙂

DSC02264 DSC02265

Zoe Joy’s first fishing experience! She seemed to have many

“First Experiences” at the Partee!!! 🙂

DSC02249 DSC02297

Food was prepared for the kids of Bridges!

And everyone had a great makan time together


Nathanael of course couldn’t enjoy the yummy food

But had to continue on his Ketogenic Diet! But thankfully he didnt complaint.


And oh yes KFC sponsored some food too!

That was the yummylicious part 🙂


Benji one of the helpers ….

Nathanael & Zoe Joy posing with ko ko Benji!

DSC02308 DSC02303

Teacher Dolly with Zoe

And then Zoe tasted some Potato Salad by Benji


All of us with Teacher Dolly

Thank you Dolly for your ever love and care for

Nathanael and for helping him in his development! TQ!!!


That’s the family at Bridges Early Intervention Programme School

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