Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael

Nathanael & Zoe Joy’s Contribution for the Social Concerned

We all did our part for the Social Concern today! We participated in the Jogathon / Fun Fair that was organized by our church at Jalan Barat Field (A&Ws ~ next to Amcorp Mall).

The youth and young adults were in charge of the game stalls and redemption booths and the gigantic inflatables.

Thankfully it rained last nite and not today, so we had pretty decent weather. The only unfortunate part was that some parts of the field were rather soggy!!

Check out Nathanael & Zoe Joy at the Jogathon/Fun Fair


This was the main tent where all the important stuff was happening.

DSC01981 DSC01980

We took over the Jalan Barat Field.

Tents were scattered all over the football field.

We were located in the tent in front of the Gigantic Titanic inflatable. 🙂


This was the Balloon Arch Walkway Welcome


Hmm.. is it a Bird? is it a Plane?

Oh no … daren is bringing nathanael up the gigantic infltable Titanic


This was how the Inflatable Titanic looked

The objective was to climb up the slippery slope (in yellow)

to make it to the top and slide down in the middle.


Joann was trying to coax Nathanael to go up the Titanic Inflatable

Nathanael was kinda shy …


In the end daddie came to rescue and carried Nathanael

up the Titanic Inflatable …. (only two attempts not bad mah!!)

Watch the VIDEOS

Video1 : The 1st Attempt to Climb Up

Video 2 : YAY!! We made it to the Top of the Titanic Inflatable


Julie Lim, May Vern & god-Ma with Nathanael.

Check out my pretty angels … 🙂

DSC01965 DSC01966

Puay Leng advancing to motherhood … fed Zoe Joy her milk

and then to burp her … 🙂 Good Job Puay Leng!!


Zoe Joy and I Yin

We were happy that I-Yin managed to carry Zoe Joy for a bit cos

Zoe Joy has this naughty habit of choosing who carries her… naughty naughty!!


Nathanael & Zoe Joy on one of the inflatable slides .. 🙂


god-pa and Zoe Joy … hiding under the shade ..

ZJ : Do u like god-pa’s new look .. the macho with the goatee!!!


Ps Julie was playing with Zoe Joy and she this doggie that

Ps Julie was carrying to show Zoe.


god-ma with Zoe Joy and Wesley …

Zoe can’t stop putting things in her mouth.
That’s Wesley water bottle in her mouth! 🙂 hehe


Hmmm … what is Daniel Liew the photographer extraordinare doing?

He’s almost made a split with his legs!!! He must be capturing some super jogathon shot!


NOT!! Daniel was taking a group photos in front of the Titanic Inflatable .. 🙂


Renee showing us her Tan Lines … see how hot the sun ..

Check out my tan!!! 🙂

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