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Nathanael is 3 Years Old!!!


Happy Birthday to U

Happy Birthday to U

Happy Birthday to Nathanael

Happy Birthday to U


Nathanael turns THREE years old on 22 September 2007! 🙂

Praise God … this date also signifies his first year on the Ketogenic Diet!

IF you remember last year, Nathanael’s 2nd Birthday was spent in Hospital KL, with the Ketogenic Diet being administered to him, and he was hospitalized for a week!

THANK GOD … after one year on the diet, we have seen such great improvements in

Nathanael’s life and we wanna Give GOD all the Glory! 🙂

[Get Ready … this is one LONG Photo Blog!!]

Check out 3 Birthday Celebrations below!

… narrated by Zoe Joy ….


Ko ko celebrated his birthday a week before his actual birthday.

The reason was becos daddie’s birthdae was two weeks before his and mah mah (grandma) birthday was one week before his. So to make it easy for everyone, we all met on mah mah birthday and celebrated together!! 🙂

DSC00869 DSC00860

daddie and mommie brought us all to Planet Hollywood! We wanted to check out some

hot celebrities! However .. those we saw were quite boring and unmoving; all mannequins!!

Ko Ko sat with Yeh Yeh and had a great time entertaining Yeh Yeh.


Mah Mah had darling little me. And I made sure Mah Mah took real good care of me!


See everyone so happy together. Ko Ko singing Happy Birthday!!


Even the Planet Holly peeps joined in our celebration and

prepared one cake in front of mah mah … cos it was mah mah’s actual birthday!

(oh yes … the cake was FREE!!)


And i was so happy to see Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah together-gether! Cos 15 September is also their wedding anniversary. So it was like 4 celebrations in one!! 🙂 So loves!!


The Family Photo all posed in front of Planet Hollywood! 🙂

See the logo behind mah mah’s legs! 🙂 hehe


The week after we had another Birthday Celebration at Oriental restaurant.

Yups u dont see me .. .. cos i was bz … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sleeping away!

DSC01236 DSC01235

Can u see how cool ko ko’s cake is!! It such a cute car from Aunty Evelyn. And the cake is from Hilton KL!! Yeah so its expensive, nice and yummy!!!!

Ko ko loved the yellow color .. he was sticking out his hand to “whack” it!!


If u have not realize by now. But mommie has gone into sepia and b&w colors on the cam.

Yes u can see more coming in the future posts! See how happy we all are … Yeh Yeh, Po Po and me! darling ol’ me! 🙂


The Family Photo taken … so nice hor all of us together 🙂


Kau Fu was carrying Nathanael when we sang his Birthday song

So Kau Fu assisted in the Blowing … 🙂


Ko Ko is with Kau Fu

… guess who’s holding me? Its Linda …. Kau Fu… g fren!! 🙂

DSC01265 DSC01270

Now this is what i call a Kereta Potong!! The knife really potong the Car!!


Kung Kung was Mr Muscle Man and carried ko ko and me at one go! 🙂 Wheeeeeeee


This was the best part of the nite.

Kau Fu fed me the yummy yellow cake!!! ummmmmm.


Ko Ko and mommie … love this kodak moment!


SURPRISE!!!!! We were at church the week of ko ko’s bday!

When suddenly aunty i-lin jumped out with a birthday cake!!

It was such a momentus moment for ko ko!!

DSC01195 DSC01197

Our dear pastor Julie prayed for ko ko and so nice all the young adults

in church stood in prayer and support for ko ko as well!! YAY!!

Jesus … i wan u to touch ko ko and heal him now!!! 🙂


I was doing the bogey!! And a Family Photo at Parousia Hall!


Another Family Photo together!!

Happy Birthday ko ko

i love u …. zj

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Jens says:

Happy Birthday Nathanael!God bless you today and everyday of your life. 🙂