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Nathanael’s Ketogenic Diet Half Way Mark!


1st year diet done! YAY!!

365 Days have come & gone! The year has flown by so quickly. Nathanael has been seizure free for the past 11 months! We just want to thank our Lord Jesus for the miracle work He has done in Nathanael’s life. It is a miracle that Nathanael adapted well to the diet….for all these times. (Can you can eat the same type of food 6 times a day……. and for 2 years?)

Quite an achievement I must say!

Well, by God’s grace we have reached the half way mark…Only 2,230 meals to go! A reason to celebrate! Thank you for your constant prayers….Nathanael is making remarkable improvements! He turns 3 years old in 4 days time.

This year 2007 proves to be a VERY special birthday celebration for us because his :-

1st Birthday – he still had fits and slept right through the entire party. We never even took a picture of him with his cake

nathanel lee ketogenic diet

2nd Birthday – was spent in the hospital initiating the Ketogenic Diet – so no party.

3rd Year Birthday – PTL!! He is fit free & doing well by God’s grace….thanks be to God who leads us in His triumph!

nathanael lee

Nathanael Sitting

Nathanael Lee

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Anonymous says:

Happy Birthday Nat! When you see this in 15 or 20 years time, you do not need to be embarrassed bwhahahaha!

You need to be proud of your mom and dad for all they’re doing… day by day by day…

God bless!

Mommy-fied says:

Woo hoo! Hallelujah!