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We visited Joshua Chai’s Full Moon

Yay!! daddie and mommie brought us to Joshua Chai’s partee!! He’s just turned one month old and is five months younger than Zoe Joy.

Joshua Chai’s Full Moon
[Reported by Zoe Joy]


Everyone was gathered round Joshua to pray a prayer of Blessing.

Joshua’s daddie is Tze Siang and Joshua’s mommie is SiawJiun.


Mommie was praying for Joshua and also for Uncle Tze Siang & Aunty Siaw Jiun too


As you can see lots of family, relatives and cell members

were all gathered round during the prayer of blessing.


See … I’m posing with cute little Joshua boy.

He’s got HEAPS of hair!! I need to learn his new trick

and try it on my head! 🙂

Tks Aunty Yin Mei for carrying me.


There we go two HAPPY FAMILIES together

Uncle Tze Siang, Auntie Siaw Jiun, Joshua boy, Mommie, Ko Ko and Daddie

posing … SMILE! 🙂

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